Pro Lift Garage Doors franchises offer opportunities in the $300 billion home improvement industry. Their proprietary marketing, sales and estimating techniques take the stress out of the process and help you capitalize on the market.

Full Franchise Information

If you are tired of running the corporate rat race, working hard to build someone else’s asset or make the company’s shareholders smile, then it is time you begin building your own asset with a Pro Lift Garage Door business.

In fact, most of our successful franchisees began life in a corporate environment honing their management, leadership, operational, and sales skills before venturing out on their own. They found that using their existing skill set combined with our systems they were able to start a low risk business that is helping them achieve their goals….all without ever picking up a wrench.

Maybe you already own a garage door service company and have hit a plateau and need a system to “get out from behind the wrench” to move to the next level. By following our system, we can help you transform from self-employed repairman, going from job to job, to garage door service company owner managing multiple projects at once (We have a huge incentive for you).

Most of us want to start our own successful business and be our own boss but we don’t know where to start, plus, we worry about the risk of failure. Everyone in development and operations at the corporate office has started and operated a successful business before, we have felt the fear, pushed through and know what it takes. The good news is we have the system to guide you through every step of the way. We have spent countless dollars and hours developing a system that works.

You have already made a mental shift, you are tired of your current situation and you want to make a change.  I can guarantee you what will not work and that is continuing to wish things were different and not taking action.  Success comes to those who make change happen.

  •   Service industry experience dating back to 1996
  •   Executive team with over 20 combined years of Franchising experience
  •   Home-Based – Low cost of entry
  •   Simple Business – easy to Manage or to hire a Manager when you’re ready to be passive
  •   Family-Friendly hours: Control your own schedule
  •   No Overhead until Revenue is produced because of sub-contractors do the work!
  •   50% + average gross returns per single unit
  •   Very scalable, high Gross Revenue potential business (Very High Resale Value)
  •   Commercial opportunity that is untapped by “Pete the repairman” types
  •   Proprietary software for customer relations management and business planning
  •   Full service call and dispatch center
  •   Huge growth potential in expanding / fragmented market with regional developments
  •   Never pick up a wrench! Never knock on a door!

We are not looking for repairmen to purchase a Pro Lift Garage Doors franchise. In fact, you don’t even need experience in the garage door industry. What you need are drive and the will to succeed. We are looking for individuals who want to be leaders in the home improvement industry, currently valued at $300 billion and growing.

Key benefits of the Pro Lift Garage Doors franchise

Garage door service industry – The garage door service industry is very fragmented. There are many companies but little consistency for the consumer.

Truly recession resistant–When your customer’s car is stuck on one side or the other of a broken garage door system they need the system back up and working ASAP. They are not waiting until the economy improves to get their care out the garage. Plus, a dysfunctional garage door system is a security issue.

Reliable market opportunity – Garage door repair is not glamorous but it is necessary. Every building, residential and commercial property needs garage door repair work at one time or another.

Territory – Each franchisee owns an exclusive territory with a minimum of 100,000 total population and is generally 500,000 total population.