Frequently Asked Questions

$55,000 (single)
Pro Lift Garage Doors expansion plan is to focus regionally allowing us the greatest field support to our franchisees.
Our main competition is against the local ‘Guy and a Van/Pete the Repair man”. His main focus is completing jobs himself and then looking for his next check.
35-55 years of age. White collar business experience with an outgoing personality. Someone who is not looking to do the repair work. A relationship builder will put together a team of employees to satisfy customers from start to finish.
According to Money Magazine and the Wall Street Journal, middle class America has seen their income double in the last 25 years. Middle class consumers are more discerning and demanding a higher level of service. We are able to meet this need with our systems coupled with the company franchisee approach.
Smaller garage door repair companies are not set up to handle growth. The only rely on referral marketing and rarely have a full calendar of service work. The large garage door service companies have lost the customer focus and are only interested in generating profits for their stock holders.
Yes, our franchisees have the rights to an exclusive territory defined by zip codes. Territories are at least 25% larger then what our competitors are awarding.
We have a dedicated full service call and dispatch center that is answered 24 hours a day.
We have developed proprietary software for both estimating and running a business. This system includes customer tracking, marketing, cash flow, accounting and future planning of your business.
Over 99% of our customers have or would refer us to friends and family.
All our franchise partners go through a rigorous pre-training followed by a week of classroom training in our corporate training center in Denver and an additional week of hands on training in the form of shadowing and working along side existing franchise partner operators.
Pro Lift Garage Doors has a comprehensive marketing program built on a results oriented model. Franchisees simply execute their local plan to drive their business to success. The 2% marketing fee that is paid to Pro Lift Garage Doors is reinvested directly into your business locally not into a national program.
Pro Lift Garage Doors has a lot of experience in the industry and is looking to have managed growth over the next few years. We are in a $100 Billion industry and we have the ability to become a dominate garage door service company in every market we serve.
Competitive, Goal Oriented, Ethical, Supportive Entrepreneurial Culture! Fun! Family!
The Pro Lift Garage Doors franchise system provides you with the systems and support you need to run your business. With the help of our vendor partners we cover the technical side of garage door repair and install and we teach you how to hire techs with the experience to get the job done right.
No, Pro Lift Garage Doors franchises are home based operations. You do need a designated area to run your business from inside your home. You will also need a storage unit to keep a minimal amount of inventory.
This means you have a market with a high demand for garage door repair. This will allow you to use the Pro Lift Garage Doors franchise systems to capitalize on a strong market.
We will work with you to develop a marketing plan that will help you reach your goals. We start by planning a grand opening to introduce your business to the community and then continue to implement the plan we have set forth.